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More iconic donuts returning to Tim Hortons menus this year

Tim Hortons is reviving the Dutchie, Blueberry Fritter, Cinnamon Sugar Twist, and Walnut Crunch donuts in honour of its 60th anniversary for a limited time starting January 10.

Mark your calendars Canadians — Tim Hortons is set to bring back some of its most iconic and beloved menu items in honour of the restaurant chain's 60th anniversary.

This year, the celebration is taking a nostalgic turn by rekindling fond memories by reviving the Dutchie, Blueberry Fritter, Cinnamon Sugar Twist, and Walnut Crunch, for a limited time starting January 10.

"We're honoured that for nearly six decades, so many Canadians have considered their local Tims a home away from home and have chosen to spend a part of their daily lives with us," said Axel Schwan, president of Tim Hortons.

"As we get ready to celebrate the official 60th anniversary of Tim Hortons opening its first restaurant on May 17th, 1964, we're planning a number of exciting ways to mark the occasion with our guests throughout the year," added Schwan.

The nostalgic trip down memory lane isn't just confined to delectable treats. Tim Hortons is also adorning its cups, donut boxes, Timbit packaging, and other materials with a special 60th-anniversary logo — allowing hungry and loyal patrons the chance to indulge in the timeless flavours that have defined the brand's heritage.

Tim Hortons' journey began on May 17, 1964, in Hamilton, Ontario, with its inaugural restaurant that continues to serve guests with the same fervour and dedication six decades later.

Today, the Tim Hortons legacy extends across nearly 4,000 locations in Canada and over 5,700 worldwide, including 18 other countries. The brand's recent foray into South Korea late last year marks its newest international endeavour, a testament to its global appeal.

Beyond the celebration of its rich history, 2024 holds another significant milestone for Tim Hortons—the 50th anniversary of Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.

Since 1974, these camps have been instrumental in supporting over 315,000 underserved youth, offering vital resources to help them realize their potential. Spread across seven locations in Canada and the United States, the camps provide immersive learning experiences for youth aged 12 to 16 from low-income households. These formative programs empower young minds during a crucial developmental phase, shaping the adults they'll become.

Amidst the festivities and reminiscent flavours, Tim Hortons remains committed to fostering a sense of community, cherishing its roots, and contributing positively to the lives of future generations.

As Canadians savour the return of these nostalgic treats, the celebration of Tim Hortons' legacy extends far beyond the palate, embodying a rich tapestry of memories and meaningful impact.