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This rare video of a lynx family in Ontario is the most heartwarming thing you'll see today

The unexpected video offers a glimpse into the social lives of majestic animal

This week as part of our Village Wild video series, presented by Tourism Skillsnet North we're featuring a wild video submitted to us by Michael Harmanmaa.

The video was taken by Michael in 2016 while on a hunting trip outside of Timmins, Ontario and offers a rare glimpse of a majestic lynx family. 

The footage captures the lynx navigating a stream on a log, showcasing their agility and coordination. What stands out, however, is a moment of charm – one of the young lynx displaying an acrobatic feat by gracefully leaping over a sibling. The heartwarming scene challenges preconceived notions about the solitary and stoic nature often attributed to wild cats.

"I had just cleaned a few ruffed grouse down by the water and the mother lynx must have been so hungry that she led her kits down the road right to us," Michael told Village Life in an email. "She didn't want to pass directly in front of us so she led them down the log and then right after I stopped filming, she jumped across to creek to feed on what I had left behind while the kits sat on the log and waited. We then left so the kits could go join their mother."

While lynxes are generally known for their solitary behaviour, this display of familial interaction sheds light on the more social side of these elusive felines. The agile leap over a sibling not only adds a touch of cuteness but also emphasizes the bond within the lynx family unit.

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