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These are some of the highest paying jobs in Canada, according to Indeed

From anesthesiologists to data scientists, these are some of the most lucrative career opportunities in Canada.

In the pursuit of finding a fulfilling and prosperous career, the path to success often begins with careful consideration and thorough research.

Finding the right job that aligns with your interests, qualifications, and ambitions is an essential step towards professional contentment. Equally important in this decision-making process is assessing the earning potential of various career options.

For Canadian job-seekers looking to choose more lucrative career paths, job-posting site has shared a list of some of Canada’s highest-paying jobs.

Highest paying jobs in Canada, according to Indeed:

1. Anesthesiologist

National average salary: $358,908 per year

Job description: An anesthesiologist is a specialist physician and a vital surgical team member. Anesthesiologists keep patients unconscious and safe during surgery. An anesthesiologist is an expert in anesthetic drugs and pain management.

Job qualifications: Anesthesiologists are physicians who complete medical school and then five years of a residency program specializing in anesthesiology. They study the brain, heart, lungs, kidney and liver during training.

2. Psychiatrist

National average salary: $298,065 per year

Job description: A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in mental health and mental health disorders. Psychiatrists diagnose, treat and help to prevent mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. What makes psychiatrists unique is that they can prescribe medication for their patients.

Job qualifications: To become a psychiatrist, you must get a medical degree from an accredited university. A psychiatrist uses their time in the residency program to focus on mental health and mental health disorders.

3. Cardiologist

National average salary: $280,591 per year

Job description: A cardiologist is a type of doctor who focuses specifically on the heart and cardiovascular system. A cardiologist diagnoses, treats and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. Cardiologists treat diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation.

Job qualifications: To become a cardiologist, you must get a medical degree. Once graduated, you need to complete residency training for four to five years that specializes in issues of the heart and cardiovascular system. You must register with the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the province or territory you plan on working in.

4. Surgeon

National average salary: $279,646 per year

Job description: Surgeons are medical doctors that perform surgery on patients. A surgeon operates by cutting open a patient's body to treat an infected area, a broken bone or another ailment. The role of a surgeon includes many administrative duties, including doing the rounds and helping with post-surgery care.

Job qualifications: A medical degree is required to become a surgeon. Once you obtain a medical degree, you require four to five years of residency, followed by two years of studying a surgical specialty.

5. Physician

National average salary: $254,847 per year

Job description: A physician is a medical doctor that helps treat and diagnose medical issues. There are many different types of physicians. As a physician, you can work in a family practice, a hospital or a specialized clinic.

Job qualifications: To become a physician, you must get a medical degree from an accredited university. Once you have a medical degree, you must take part in a residency program where you can choose the work environment you prefer.

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6. Orthodontist

National average salary: $209,373 per year

Job description: Orthodontists are dentists who specifically train to treat misaligned teeth. They also help in the prevention and diagnosis of misaligned bite patterns. Most orthodontists work with braces, retainers or other dental devices.

Job qualifications: To become an orthodontist, you need to get a dentistry degree followed by a specialty license. It is also imperative that you register with the dental regulatory body of the province or territory you plan on working in.

7. Software engineering manager

National average salary: $143,044 per year

Job description: Software engineering managers lead the development and creation of software programs or applications. A software engineering manager will also be the point of contact for different departments to make sure the qualifications of the application are being met. Software engineering managers need to have a technical understanding of applications but also be able to explain them to other company executives in a simplified manner.

Job qualifications: To become a software engineering manager, a university degree in systems analysis, business administration, computer science, engineering or a related degree is required. You will also need several years of experience in a management position to qualify for this job.

8. Vice president

National average salary: $135,578 per year

Job description: A vice president is a key executive in a company who helps run and manage an organization's internal operations. A vice president will also work with other senior executives of an organization to see where problems may lie and determine ways to fix them. Generally, the vice president is second or third in command, falling below a president or chief executive officer.

Job qualifications: The job qualifications of a vice president can change depending on which industry they plan on working in. For example, they may require a vice president of an educational institution to have a four-year college degree in teaching. Many vice presidents also have a Master's degree in their particular field of study.

9. Director of information technology

National average salary: $117,890 per year

Job description: A Director of information technology oversees the information technology department of a company. This position may also include developing a program for an organization or ensuring the department runs smoothly. Directors of information technology manage different IT professionals within a company.

Job qualifications: To become a director of information technology, a university degree in computer science, business administration, commerce, engineering or a related degree is required.

10. Enterprise architect

National average salary: $110,083 per year

Job description: An enterprise architect oversees an organization's IT network and programs. enterprise architects help upgrade and maintain company software or hardware programs. An enterprise architect will also work with company executives to help with digital innovations within a company.

Job qualifications: To become an enterprise architect, you need a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, business administration or a related degree. Some employers also require certification or training by a specific vendor or program.

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11. Chief marketing officer

National average salary: $109,196 per year

Job description: A chief marketing officer oversees a company's marketing strategies and initiatives. Chief marketing officers reduce the costs of a business while growing revenue through various strategies. A chief marketing officer needs to be aware of offline and online marketing initiatives like social media, print advertising and Google Ads.

Job qualifications: To become a chief marketing officer, you will need a university degree in marketing, communications, business administration or a related field. Many chief marketing officers also get a Master's in Business Administration.

12. Software architect

National average salary: $109,021 per year

Job description: A Software architect is someone who designs elements of a software program. Software architects are also instrumental in making high-level decisions about the coding standards of any program being developed. A software architect will also work with company executives to ensure software programs meet operational requirements.

Job qualifications: To become a software architect, a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer systems engineering, software engineering, mathematics or a related subject matter is required. Some organizations may prefer candidates to hold a master's degree.

13. Pharmacist

National average salary: $105,088 per year

Job description: A pharmacist is someone who creates and administers prescription medicine to patients. Pharmacists specify and relay any important information about a medicinal drug to patients. They may also provide immunizations or flu shots when required.

Job qualifications: A university degree in pharmacy is required in order to become a pharmacist. Fully regulated pharmacists undergo formal training with another pharmacist. You will also need to be a member of the regulatory body of your province or territory.

14. Corporate controller

National average salary: $103,056 per year

Job description: Corporate controllers handle the financial well-being of an organization. A Corporate controller performs all the major accounting functions for a company, including budgeting, invoicing, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Corporate controllers are heads of the financial department and can report to a chief financial officer.

Job qualifications: Corporate controllers often hold accounting certifications such as Chartered Accounting, Certified Management Accounting or Certified General Accounting. A bachelor's or master's degree in business administration, economics, commerce or a related field may be required.

15. Data scientist

National average salary: $84,630 per year

Job description: A Data scientist collects and analyzes large amounts of digital data. Data scientists use this information to help organizations make educated and thoughtful decisions to help with business growth. The information gathered and analyzed by a data scientist is generally from the website, content management systems, or other internal software and then analyzed through scientific methods and algorithms.

Job qualifications: A bachelor's degree in computer science or mathematics is required to become a data scientist. It also requires knowledge of computer programming.