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Ontario mom finds way to bring toddlers to her level

Burlington mom is CEO of business that provides locally made, high-quality step stools to keep little ones safe while helping at the counter

Rachel Adetoyo noticed her twin daughters enjoyed helping her prepare dinner when they were just two years old. She liked the opportunity to teach them cooking and life skills ― but they couldn't quite reach the counter.

Fast forward a few years: her twins still enjoy helping her, but now, they’re using the learning towers Adetoyo created. They use them every day.

Often called kitchen helpers or step stools, the learning towers are built of high-quality wood; they look great, fold for easy storage and are designed to last.

A pediatric nurse, the Burlington mom of four daughters, all under four years old, is now chief executive officer of her own business Mommy’s Little Helper Co. She designed and found Ontario manufacturers to create learning towers that are aesthetically pleasing, safe, and convenient to use.

They foster independence while mom can rest-assured, knowing they’re not going to topple over.

She’s got a three-month-old daughter, twins who are four years old and a two-year-old: the two towers in her home help keep children safe and involved.

Her business is continually growing as more and more stores carry her products including, locally, Chickadee Kids Company on Guelph Line and Simply Green Baby on Lakeshore Road in Oakville.

She’s hoping to expand into Montessori-style wooden toys that better enable children to use their own imagination and creativity.

“My twins are almost five and they still use it daily,” she said. 

She noted that she also participates in a program to help the environment. For each tower sold, she donates $1 to reforestation through One Tree Planted.

“I have a passion for cooking/baking, and many fond memories of myself of cooking with my mom and grandmother,” she said. “I see the need to engage toddlers in developmentally appropriate ways, and helping them to be active participants in a Montessori-based lifestyle. It is really important in helping to keep them interested, learning, and fostering that relationship with them that helps moms to cherish motherhood and make memories, allowing their children to flourish.”

She said that the learning towers have been one of the most-used tool/toy/furniture in her house by far.

“We take great pride in ensuring our locally-made learning towers are made of top-quality materials, and that our toddler towers will last for years to come,” she said. 

To learn more, or purchase a learning tower (approximately $280/each), go to