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Coyote unknowingly steals the show, captured singing an eerie song (video)

It's as if the animal knew the camera was there...

This week as part of our Village Wild video series, presented by Tourism Skillsnet North we're featuring a video link submitted to us by Jordan DaSilva.

The trail cam video, which was uploaded to Ontario Trail Cam Captures' YouTube channel on November 17, 2023 captures a coyote's eerie but beautiful howling to others in the distance. The animal, perfectly centred in the frame of the video, seems to be putting on a show for viewers. This trail cam video is the most popular of Ontario Trail Cam Captures, garnering nearly 60,000 views. 

Did you know?

Coyotes howl for reasons rooted in communication and social dynamics. Their distinctive vocalizations establish and maintain territory boundaries, coordinate activities within the pack, and reinforce social bonds. Howling also plays a crucial role during the mating season, aiding potential mates in locating each other. It serves as a warning system for potential threats, helping to mobilize the pack for defence. 

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