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Rare white moose spotted in northwestern Ontario (VIDEO)

A group of Thunder Bay residents found an unexpected highlight during a recent road trip when they encountered a rare white moose.

This week as part of our Village Wild video series, presented by Dietrich Law, we're featuring a video link submitted by Erin Manahan and Trish Sampson.

The video, captured by Erin Manahan, features a very special moment when she drove past a rare white moose in northwestern Ontario. 

According to, during a recent trip to Manitoba for a pickleball tournament, a group of Thunder Bay residents found an unexpected highlight on their way back home. While driving along Highway 17, between Upsala and Ignace, they encountered the rare white moose.

Erin managed to capture the moment on video and shared it on Facebook. The white moose, often referred to as the 'Spirit Moose,' is a protected animal and is considered highly spiritual.

This rare sighting added an unexpected twist to their trip, providing a memorable experience that likely stood out more than the tournament itself.

Encountering a moose in the wild is always an unforgettable experience. Their mystique and majestic presence captivate the imagination, adding to their allure. However, it's crucial to remember that these gentle giants are wild creatures deserving of utmost respect.

Remember, if you do encounter a moose in the wild, just remember to give the animal as much space as you can. In case you ever do cross paths with a moose, we've shared some tips on what to do here

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