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Moose on the loose: Newfoundland man has surprise early morning visitor (VIDEO)

A curious moose was caught casually wandering around a driveway in Newfoundland, and even exchanged a morning greeting before trotting off to the neighbour's yard.
Sam Paterson

This week as part of our Village Wild video series, presented by Dietrich Law, we're featuring a video link submitted by Lenny of Toronto. 

The video, captured by Sam Paterson, gained media attention this week. It shows a curious moose wandering around the driveway and front yard of a home in Paradise, Newfoundland.

In the video, a courageous individual steps out onto a front porch to meet the moose, which is strolling along the side of the driveway. Their bravery in approaching such a majestic creature is truly commendable.

The person filming gets up close to the moose and greets it with a "good morning," to which the moose responds with a side glance before trotting along the front of the home to the neighbouring property.

While moose sightings in Newfoundland are common, encountering the animal is still an unforgettable experience. Their mystique and majestic presence captivate the imagination, adding to their allure. However, it's crucial to remember that these gentle giants are wild creatures deserving of utmost respect.

Remember, if you do encounter a moose in the wild, just remember to give the animal as much space as you can. In case you ever do cross paths with a moose, we've shared some tips on what to do here

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