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Leaping moose on the rampage destroys Ontario man's fence (video)

The surprising video shows a moose scaling a North Bay man's six-foot-tall backyard fence

This week as part of our Village Wild video series, presented by Dietrich Law, we're featuring a video submitted by Tom Watkins of North Bay.

The surprising video shows a moose scaling the North Bay man's six-foo-tall backyard fence in an impressive display of agility. 

"I lived in the bush for 18 years and I never saw a moose. I moved to town and one runs through my backyard," Watkins told, a sister site of Village Life.

The first thing that went through his mind was "How much damage did the moose do?"

"My nephew went over and there is a big gate on the one side and I guess he plowed through it," explained Watkins.

"The moose broke the fence that it jumped over. The gate doesn't have a lock on it, it has a latch and it looks like it just popped off but he left a bunch of hair and big hoof marks through the back and I don't know where it went after that." 

A clump of hair on top of a North Bay fence that a Moose jumped over. Photo submitted

The next step, Watkins said, is contact his insurance company with quite a story to tell. 

"You could not explain this to the insurance company without video."

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