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Great white shark spotted off the coast of Halifax (Video)

Shark sightings in the Maritimes have been on the rise in recent years and you can get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.

This week as part of our Village Wild video series, presented by Dietrich Law, we're featuring a video link submitted by Travis from North Bay.

In the video, a great white shark can be seen gracefully swimming past a camera off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Despite its brevity, this clip carries immense significance. Great whites are among the planet's most threatened vertebrates, with many populations declining globally due to overfishing.

Interestingly, shark sightings in the Maritimes have been on the rise in recent years and those willing to brave the powerful predator can have an up close and personal encounter with these formidable creatures on Canada's East Coast.

Founded in 2023, Atlantic Shark Expeditions (ASE) offers exhilarating guided shark expedition tours, where guests can experience shark viewing, cage diving, and exploration off the coast of Halifax.

Led by Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, a marine ecologist and shark researcher based out of Nova Scotia, ASE provides single or multi-day excursions. These trips offer participants the chance to encounter the ocean's apex predator, learn from shark experts, and contribute to ongoing shark research conducted onboard during every expedition.

Guests can either observe the sharks from the safety of ASE's boats or opt for a thrilling underwater experience in specialized shark cages, coming face-to-face with these magnificent creatures.

On these excursions, participants might encounter several local shark species, including the commonly seen blue sharks, along with opportunities to spot great whites, porbeagle sharks, and mako sharks.

To learn more about ASE or to book an excursion, click here.

About great white sharks

The vulnerable great white shark, the world's largest known predatory fish, boasts an impressive 300 teeth but doesn't chew its food. Instead, it tears prey into manageable pieces, which it swallows whole.

With its heavy, torpedo-shaped body, the shark can cruise efficiently for long periods and then swiftly switch to high-speed bursts, even leaping out of the water in pursuit of prey. It has a diverse diet, ranging from small fish like halibut to larger prey such as seals and dolphins.

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