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THE BEST IN STREAMING May 10: Our critic picks the top shows you can't miss this week

Check out this week's most buzz-worthy programs from top streaming services like Netflix Canada, Crave, Amazon Prime, and beyond.
Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams in Morning Glory (2010)

Looking for your next binge-worthy series or film to add to your streaming queue? Check back with Village Life every Friday for Jordan Parker's comprehensive insights on the week's most buzz-worthy programs from top streaming services like Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime, and beyond.

On Netflix – Morning Glory

This is one of my guilty pleasures by far. It was mostly ignored upon its release, but Morning Glory is a comedy with so much more heart than most modern movies.

It reminds me of His Girl Friday or Broadcast News, in a very good way. It follows scrappy television producer Becky, whose entire persona is based on her job.

She accepts a job at a struggling morning show, and soon learns the ratings are so low it may meet its demise. The co-hosts are at each others’ throats and there’s no order. Becky tries to take the reins and get things back on proper footing.

Rachel McAdams, a wonderful pairing of Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, Patrick Wilson, and Jeff Goldblum all shine here in a film that’s better than its reviews by far.

I absolutely adore this movie, and it makes me smile even on the cloudiest of days.

On Amazon Prime Video – The Idea Of You

This is one of the most absolutely adorable films to come out since the pandemic, and I could rewatch it today with no hesitation.

It follows Solene – a single mom turning 40 – who has had her fair share of heartbreak. She feels unable to fully trust following her divorce, but when she meets famous 24-year-old Hayes Campbell, things change.

He’s the lead singer of the hottest boy band on the planet, and they struggle with regular relationship issues as well as navigating fame and their major age gap.

It’s difficult, beautiful, romantic, and bittersweet, and I really loved that it didn’t fully follow the same old formula. The fact that Anne Hathaway and current “IT” actor Nicholas Galitzine share undeniable chemistry certainly helps.

I really loved this movie, and I was surprised at just how much it resonated with me. If you’re a fan of these two actors, give it a try.

On Crave – The Fifth Element

This is one of the best action movies of all-time, and represent a perfect campy sci-fi that knows exactly the style and tone it’s going for.

Writer-director Luc Besson can be hit-or-miss, but he always makes his films with a certain guilty pleasure, self-aware bravado that I respect. It’s amped up to 11 here.

Bruce Willis stars as a flying cap driver in the future who inadvertently gets himself in the middle of a search for a cosmic weapon. As he’s pursued by the villainous Zorg, he tries to protect a mysterious being named Leeloo as well.

It’s bold, colourful, campy and has incredible costuming. Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, Chris Tucker, and Ian Holm are fantastic.

It’s an absolute triumph and one of the most enjoyable movies I’ve ever seen.

On Disney+ – Planet of the Apes Series

After the catastrophe that was Tim Burton’s 2001 take on the classic Planet of the Apes series, the franchise was left alone for 20 years.

Enter Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Rupert Wyatt’s astounding and original film. Then came Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes. This trilogy had a commitment to quality all the way through.

While storylines and actors changed, Andy Serkis was a mainstay voicing ape Caesar. Other actors throughout the franchise included James Franco, Freida Pinto, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Jason Clarke, Woody Harrelson, Steve Zahn and more.

Now, with Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes heading to theatres on Friday, I feel like it might be time to watch the trilogy. They’re all incredible films, and could make for a great binge session.

On Paramount+ – Colette

I think Keira Knightley is one of the most criminally-underrated actresses in the entire industry, and Colette proves my point.

She is incredible as a ghost writer for her husband. He takes the credit, but all the ideas are her own. But when she sees the success her books have, she pushes to make herself known, and challenge gender stereotypes along the way.

A wonderful film with a great message, it also has a stunning cast. Knightley is joined by Fiona Shaw, Dominic West, and Robert Pugh.

It didn’t get enough credit upon its release, but Director Wash Westmoreland does make an intriguing film here.

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