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THE BEST IN STREAMING April 20: Our critic picks the top shows you can't miss this week

Check out this week's most buzz-worthy programs from top streaming services like Netflix Canada, Crave, Amazon Prime, and beyond.
Glen Powell, Sydney Sweeney, Alexandra Shipp, and Hadley Robinson in Anyone But You (2023)

Looking for your next binge-worthy series or film to add to your streaming queue? Check back with Village Life every Friday for Jordan Parker's comprehensive insights on the week's most buzz-worthy programs from top streaming services like Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime, and beyond.

On Netflix – Law Abiding Citizen

A film that was loved by audiences and maligned by critics, Law Abiding Citizen has endured for 15 years despite shaky ethics.

It follows millionaire Clyde Shelton, who takes the law into his own hands a decade after the murder of his wife and daughter in front of his eyes. Disillusioned by a justice system he feels failed to punish the culprits, he begins to systematically kill all involved with the case.

Director F. Gary Gray’s action-thriller poses some tough questions about vigilante justice and the broken law system, but fails to answer them for audiences. A curious aspect of the film is many audience members will actually side with Clyde’s torture tactics.

Gerard Butler goes villainous in his role as Clyde Shelton – One of the best of his career. Jamie Foxx is our knight in shining armour as a Prosecutor who works within a broken system. Leslie Bibb, Colm Meaney, Bruce McGill, Regina Hall, and an earlier-career turn from Viola Davis also highlight things.

Law Abiding Citizen isn’t what I’d call an important film – and don’t watch if violence makes you queasy – but it is a heck of an entertaining one that poses difficult questions. I just wish its ending worked harder to answer them.

On Amazon Prime Video – The Zone Of Interest

One of the most deeply challenging films of 2023, The Zone Of Interest is a unique, heartbreaking endeavour of filmmaking.

It follows a man who builds a life for his family and pushes for a dream life – all while he works as a commandant at Auschwitz. His home is right next to the camp, and his wife tends to the garden and home-making duties with a staff of Jewish women.

They live an idyllic, privileged life as the profit off the pain of others – and co-writer and director Jonathan Glazer lets events speak for themselves, without pushing the audience.

The outage you’ll feel is earned, and the performances from Christina Friedel and Sandra Huller propel this one forward.

It’s such a difficult watch, but it’s so necessary. It’s impossible not to have a strong reaction to this one.

On Crave – Anyone But You

I’m aware Anyone But You isn’t particularly fresh or unique, but it was so much fun I don’t really care.

It follows two people who have a one-night stand that turns bitter, and the unfortunate circumstances that see them stuck together for a weekend wedding in Australia.

Ben and Bea can’t stand each other, but all those around them participate in a ruse to stick them together as often as possible.

Director Will Gluck has had major rom-com success with Easy A and Friends With Benefits, and he makes another breezy, enjoyable flick in this one.

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney have tons of on-screen chemistry, and are obviously having a blast together. A strong supporting cast including Alexandra Shipp, Dermot Mulroney, Rachel Griffiths, and more also elevate slightly cliché material.

It’s a suitably enjoyable film that will have genre fans smiling the whole way through, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

On Disney+ – The Insider

This one is an absolute knock-out, and one of the most powerful dramas of the 1990s.

One of Michael Mann’s (Heat, Ferrari) best films of all-time, it follows a former tobacco chemist who comes under attack for an interview he does with 60 Minutes about the industry.

His life and professional career are threatened if he is to expose Big Tobacco’s secrets, and he must fight against powerful corporations to tell his truth.

On the other side of it, the journalist with 60 Minutes must fight to get the story on the air, as his newsroom fears the repercussions. 

Russell Crowe and Al Pacino are fantastic here, but they’re only part of a larger, truly wonderful ensemble. This was one of Christopher Plummer’s best roles, and Diane Verona, Philip Baker Hall, Debi Mazar, Colm Feore, Gina Gershon, and Michael Gambon also have plenty of room to shine.

It’s a taut, interesting film about a huge, provocative topic, and it instantly became a favourite for me.

On Paramount+ – Bob Marley: One Love

I had absolutely no interest in this film – I am neither a huge fan of Marley’s music nor a fan of biopics particularly. I find they all follow the same formula.

Despite that fact One Love leans into the tropes, an undeniably incredible performance at its centre makes this worthwhile. Kingsley Ben-Adir is breathtaking as Bob Marley, and the transformation is stunning.

It follows Marley’s struggles with adversity in his home, and his work to heal and bring peace through music.

Director Reinaldo Marcus Green – best known for biopic King Richard – follows that stunning film up with another hit.

It’s a soulful film that uses Marley’s music to its full advantage, and was a surprise for me.


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