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Watch as police catch an escaped Kangaroo in Ontario

These officers clearly went above and beyond “roo-tine” duty.

Durham Regional Police have shared captivating body camera footage, unveiling the heartening capture of an escaped kangaroo in Oshawa that had won over the hearts of Ontario residents during her three-day escapade.

Responding to heightened public interest, DRPS released the body-worn camera footage on Tuesday, a day after successfully apprehending the kangaroo. However, they clarified that the entire incident wasn't recorded, as current directives don't mandate officers to activate cameras for kangaroo encounters (presently under "roo-view").

Police said the body camera recording was triggered when she nudged one of the officers.

The 4.5-minute video commences with officers kneeling, gently holding the kangaroo’s tail while petting her. One officer secures the marsupial with a leash around her neck, while another provides continuous reassurance and pets her.

During the footage, the kangaroo attempts to rise and flee after around 30 seconds, prompting the officers to calmly restrain her, offering comforting words like, “you’re OK.”

The officers eventually manage to secure the kangaroo, and when a police cruiser arrives, the officers guide her into the back of the vehicle.

These officers clearly went above and beyond “roo-tine” duty in securing the kangaroo. Police said she was returned to the zoo and will make a full recovery.

The kangaroo initially escaped early Friday morning. Various online clips showed the marsupial standing at the end of driveways or hopping along grassy roadside patches.

Durham police disclosed that a driver had been transporting two kangaroos to Quebec and stopped at the Oshawa Zoo for a break to let them "stretch their legs," leading to the daring escape of the roo in question.

"After three days on the lam, DRPS officers managed to secure her after receiving a call about a kangaroo sighting," reads a statement from police. 

"They 'tailed' her for nearly an hour before they managed to get close enough to grab her tail and secure her. Fortunately, our officers had a crash course in kangaroo and were made aware that grabbing her by the tail was the safest, most effective way to secure her."

According to zoo officials, the little roo’s name in unknown. But since this little joey took a ride in one of the police K9 vehicles, Durham police decided to make her an honorary member of its K9 Unit and gave her a fitting ‘unofficial name’. 

"Combining the names of the two officers who rescued her, DRPS welcomes Police Service ‘Roo’ Emy May."