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This is what Ontarians were drinking the most in 2023, according to the LCBO

Ontario's drink trends in 2023 are all about savouring smarter sips while raising a glass to good times ahead!

As we bid adieu to 2023, new findings revealed that Ontarians have shaken up their drinking habits, showcasing a savvy shift in sipping strategies that make every dollar count.

According to the LCBO, in 2023, there was a shift in customer purchasing behaviour as many Ontarians made more “mindful choices.”

From sticking to trusted favourites to exploring innovative concoctions, here's the lowdown on what's been bubbling in glasses across the province.


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Tequila Frenzy Slows but Steadies

The tequila whirlwind that had folks buzzing in the past year took a more relaxed pace in 2023, marking a 16% rise—still impressive, and adding to the 44% surge over the last two years. What's catching eyes and tantalizing taste buds? Brands sporting celebrity endorsements, boundary-pushing finishes like wine-barrel aging, snazzy packaging, and that coveted 100% agave label.

Beer - Cheers to Value! 

The beer game kept the value flag flying high, with trusty Canadian mainstream brews clocking a 10% surge, outpacing the demand for fancier craft options. But fear not, craft enthusiasts stayed true to their adventurous spirits, with hoppy IPAs being one of the most popular choices. 


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RTDs: Seltzers Still Reign Supreme

Ready-to-drink (RTD) delights—from pre-mixed cocktails to coolers—remained the talk of the town with a cool 10% uptick. Seltzers, the undisputed champs, ruled the sales yet again. But hold onto your cans! Canned cocktails soared by a staggering 40%, flaunting new brands and an expanding lineup that's hard to resist.

Global Sips and New Formats

Explorers seeking quality on a budget set sail for Portugal and Chilean wines while embracing new formats. Enter the rise of 3L boxed wine, striding ahead with a 28% surge, and the charming 375ml wine bottles, shining with a 15% spike.


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Wine Wonders: Sparkling Steals the Show

In the realm of wines, the fizz still holds the spotlight, especially beloved picks like prosecco and an array of Italian, Spanish, and local Ontario sparklers. But the palate pendulum swung toward fresher vibes, bidding adieu to heavy hitters for lighter reds, rosés, and whites.

Low & Light: The Rising Stars

As moderation became the buzzword, lighter alcohol options and lower sugar wines stole the spotlight. Their growth, clocking in at 2% and 7% respectively, outpaced their boozier counterparts by a mile. Looks like Ontarians are on track for a lighter, brighter sipping journey!

So, whether you're toasting with a tequila twist, enjoying the bubbly bliss of seltzers, or exploring the vibrant world of vino, Ontario's drink trends in 2023 are all about savouring smarter sips while raising a glass to good times ahead!