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These Ontario cities are recognized as some of the best in the country for work-life-balance

A new report revealed Burlington, Aurora, and Newmarket are the only cities to make it into the top ten, distinguished by high life satisfaction, excellent healthcare services, and low crime rates.
Burlington, ON

Achieving a work-life balance can feel like walking a tightrope, juggling work, family, friends, errands, hobbies, and downtime without tipping too far in one direction. While this balance looks different for everyone, where we live plays a crucial role. Some cities make it easy to manage both work and play, while others are more synonymous with burnout.

When choosing an ideal place to call home, we often consider factors like financial opportunities, quality of life, and cultural offerings. However, one critical aspect that often stands out is work-life balance. Point2 analysts recently delved into data from Canada’s 100 largest cities to determine where this balance is most attainable.

Methodology: Evaluating Work-Life Balance

To identify the top cities for work-life balance, Point2 examined 30 key metrics across three categories: Work Intensity, Health & Wellbeing, and Liveability. These metrics included factors such as work hours, availability of healthcare professionals, commute times, and access to recreational areas.

Top Canadian Cities for Work-Life Balance

According to Point2's findings, work-life balance is notably easier in cities such as Lévis, QC; Québec City, QC; and the District of North Vancouver, BC, which offer some of the best opportunities for achieving a good work-life balance.

Among Ontario cities, Burlington, Aurora, and Newmarket are the only ones to make it into the top ten, distinguished by high life satisfaction, excellent healthcare services, and low crime rates. Notably, almost all Québec cities analyzed were in the top third of the rankings, underscoring the province's strong emphasis on maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Ontario Cities Shine in Work-Life Balance

Ontario cities dominated the top spots in Point2's analysis, showcasing the province's commitment to providing a balanced lifestyle for its residents.

Burlington: Leading the Way

At the top of the list is Burlington, which boasts a mix of positive health perceptions and high levels of life satisfaction. According to the report, 93% of Burlington residents report high life satisfaction. The city also has one of the lowest crime severities in the country, contributing to its residents' overall sense of well-being.

Aurora and Newmarket: High Scores in Health and Safety

Following closely behind Burlington are Aurora and Newmarket. These cities score particularly high in life expectancy and the availability of medical specialists and general practitioners. Their strong healthcare infrastructure and safe environments make them ideal places for balancing professional and personal life.

Caledon: Just Missing the Top Ten

Caledon ranks as the province’s fourth-best city for work-life balance, narrowly missing the national top ten. Known as the nation’s happiest city, Caledon enjoys low crime severity, the second-highest median after-tax household income, and a high number of healthcare professionals. Its expansive green spaces also contribute to a higher quality of life.

Oakville and Ottawa: Embracing Remote Work

With studies linking remote work to improved work-life balance, Oakville and Ottawa stand out, with about 44% of their residents having the opportunity to work from home. This flexibility allows residents to better manage their work and personal responsibilities.

Ontario Leads in Work-Life Balance

Ontario's cities clearly excel in providing environments conducive to a healthy work-life balance. With most cities boasting a life expectancy of around 80 to 85 years and ample opportunities for remote work, it's no wonder Ontario is a leader in this area.

For those seeking a balanced lifestyle, these top-ranked cities offer a combination of positive health perceptions, robust healthcare infrastructure, low crime rates, and opportunities for remote work, making them ideal choices for achieving work-life harmony.


You can read the full report and learn more about the findings here