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These are officially Canada's most Instagrammable cities

Toronto emerged as the most Instagrammable destination in the Great White North.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect city to capture and share stunning photos, look no further than Toronto, Canada's crowned champion of Instagrammability.

In a new study conducted by the real estate experts at Greater Toronto Home Pros, the city emerged as the most Instagrammable destination in the Great White North.

The research team analyzed hashtags on Instagram to determine which cities were ruling the social media platform. With a staggering 55.6 million posts tagged with #toronto, the city has become a visual paradise for avid Instagrammers.

But that's not all! Other popular hashtags associated with Toronto include #torontocity, with over 113,000 posts, and #torontocityvibes, with over 19,000 posts. It's no wonder why so many people are eager to relocate and immerse themselves in the vibrant and friendly atmosphere of this bustling city.

While Toronto takes the crown, Vancouver claims an honorable second place in the Instagrammability rankings. The hashtag #vancouver has amassed over 26 million posts, with an additional 45,000 posts under #vancouvercity. Vancouver's allure lies in its striking contrast between modern skyscrapers and the magnificent mountains that overlook the city. When exploring the #vancouver tag, you'll stumble upon images showcasing the city's stunning natural lakes and waterfalls, perfectly encapsulating its pristine beauty.

Montreal, known for its rich cultural diversity and mouthwatering culinary scene, secures the third spot on the Instagrammable city list. With over 20 million hashtags on Instagram under #montreal, this city is a feast for the eyes and taste buds. Boasting the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada, Montreal has truly earned its reputation as a food lover's paradise.


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Making its mark as the fourth most Instagrammable city in Canada is Calgary. Renowned for its prominence in the energy industry and thriving job market, Calgary attracts young families seeking both career success and a high quality of life. The hashtag #calgary has surpassed a whopping 8.7 million posts, solidifying its popularity on Instagram.

Ottawa, the fifth city on the list, has gained significant appeal among the younger generations. Home to prestigious universities like the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, the city's Instagram hashtag, #ottawa, boasts an impressive 7.7 million posts, showcasing the vibrant and youthful spirit that permeates its streets.

Edmonton claims the sixth spot, with #edmonton receiving over 5.7 million posts. This city is known for its affordable housing options, diverse employment sectors, and buzzing nightlife. By exploring the #edmonton tag, you'll discover businesses promoting their services and uncover the hidden gems that make this city truly shine.

Winnipeg and Mississauga secure the seventh and eighth spots, respectively, with #winnipeg amassing 4.8 million posts and #mississauga close behind at 4.7 million posts. Both cities offer their own unique charms, capturing the hearts of Instagrammers from near and far.

Rising through the ranks to claim the ninth spot is Brampton. This fast-growing city is gaining attention for its uniqueness and captivating visual appeal. With #brampton exceeding 4.4 million posts, it's clear that Instagrammers have fallen head over heels for Brampton's distinctive character.

Closing off the list is Québec City, ranking as the tenth most Instagrammable destination in Canada. The city's warm hospitality and affordable housing prices make it an attractive spot for residents and visitors alike. With #quebeccity amassing 1.3 million posts, it's evident that Québec City has found its place on the Instagram map.

Whether you're seeking vibrant cityscapes, natural wonders, cultural diversity, or culinary delights, Canada's most Instagrammable cities have got you covered. Let the hashtags guide you on a visual journey through these captivating destinations and discover the beauty that awaits your lens.