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Say goodbye to clutter: your ultimate guide to spring cleaning your closet

Spring is in the air, and that means it's time to tackle one of the most satisfying yet daunting tasks: cleaning out your closet.

A new season finds many of us hunting through our closets, feeling at a loss about what to wear. But few of us have the funds to reset our wardrobe every year.

So, here are some tips to refresh your options and clean up your closet this season.


Get sorted

You might be tempted to start your closet clear-out by trying on everything to see what fits. But before you fall down that rabbit hole, do a quick cull. Don’t waste time squeezing into things you’ll never keep. Haven’t worn it years? It doesn’t spark any interest in you? Put it in one big pile to get out of your home. Do not offer it to friends and family unless they are in need – most of us have too much in our closets to begin with.

Shop your closet

Whether you plan tomorrow’s outfit before you go to bed or scramble to choose an option right before you have to leave, you can speed up the process of getting dressed by stocking concrete outfit ideas in your back pocket. Try carving out some time for a try-on session of the clothes, shoes and accessories you plan to keep. Experiment and get creative with how you combine every piece. Keep an open mind and you might be excited by the great go-to looks you uncover. Make note of your favourite combinations with photos on your phone.

Embrace pre-loved

Even when you’re trying to save money, something new is nice to have sometimes, and it can breathe new life into a tired ensemble. But be sure to fill any glaring gaps in your wardrobe, such as a good belt or all-purpose jacket, before buying something surplus. Look for quality that will last if you can. For a cost-effective solution to buying full-price things, take the time to scour vintage shops, thrift stores and buy-nothing or buy-and-sell groups online – these last are often your best bet for a good deal.

Put unwanted items to work

After sorting, it’s time to get anything you’re not keeping out of your home. Donate items that are in good shape or sell them through an online marketplace to make a few extra bucks. You might also be able to consign or sell high-end items at a local vintage shop or thrift store.

Anything that’s not in great shape should be recycled. While curbside pickup won’t typically take fabric, a few chain stores have textile recycling programs in-store. When it comes to used, well-worn bras, you can drop them off at la Vie en Rose. The Canadian retailer gives them a second life and recycles the materials. Throughout the month of May the company donates a dollar to various breast-cancer-related charities for every bra dropped off at their stores.

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