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Ontario shines as one of Canada's most generous provinces in 2023

Nearly half of Canada's most generous communities are in Ontario, according to a new GoFundMe report.
Brampton was the 8th most generous city overall.

Amidst the tumult of a cost-of-living crisis fuelled by soaring inflation rates, several Ontario cities were in the giving spirit all year round, according to a new report. 

GoFundMe released its Year in Giving Report Tuesday, showcasing the top 20 most-giving communities in Canada this year.

The findings underscore a heartening trend of the generosity and compassion of individuals from coast-to-coast, particularly in Ontario, where nine cities have proudly secured spots among the nation's top 20 most generous locales.

Despite the trials of the past year, Canadians banded together, demonstrating their compassion and generosity through a surge in GoFundMe donations. The social fundraising platform said it recorded two million donations across Canada for various causes, organizations and people -- an increase of 7.3% over the nearly 1.86 million donations made in 2022.

“Whether it's helping a neighbour rebuild their home,  contributing to a medical fundraiser, or supporting an important local organization, Canadians exemplified the meaning of giving," said Ved Khan, Senior  Corporate Affairs Manager, Canada, GoFundMe.

"Their unwavering commitment to supporting one another has not  only defined 2023 but has set the gold standard for what it means to be a compassionate community.” 

Topping the charts as Canada’s most generous community in 2023 is Victoria, BC. The city saw an impressive tally of over 26,000 donations, translating to a per capita donation rate of 28.62%—a remarkable feat wherein more than one in four Victorians contributed.

However, Ontario, in particular, emerged as a beacon of generosity within the nation, boasting nine cities within the top 20 most generous communities. From Brampton to Thunder Bay, Kitchener to Toronto, and extending to Milton, Whitby, and Barrie, these cities showcased an unwavering commitment to supporting one another, reflecting the spirit of generosity deeply embedded in the province.

These are the top 20 most generous communities in Canada this year, in order:

  1.  Victoria, BC
  2.  North Vancouver, BC
  3.  Vancouver, BC
  4.  Prince George, BC
  5.  Kelowna, BC
  6.  Nanaimo, BC
  7.  New Westminster, BC
  8.  Brampton, ON
  9.  Maple Ridge, BC
  10.  Thunder Bay, ON
  11.  Port Coquitlam, BC
  12.  Kitchener, ON
  13.  Peterborough, ON
  14.  Guelph, ON
  15.  St. John's, NL
  16.  Toronto, ON
  17.  Milton, ON
  18.  Whitby, ON
  19.  Barrie, ON
  20.  Fredericton, NB

In the face of economic challenges and a rising cost of living, Canadians have shown unparalleled empathy and support for their fellow citizens.

This collective demonstration of generosity underscores the resilience and unity of local communities, exemplifying the enduring Canadian spirit of compassion and giving in the most trying times.

You can read the full report here