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Insignia air fryers recalled in Canada due to fire and burn risk

Nearly 100,000 units of the affected products were sold in Canada, with an additional 183,000 units sold in the United States.
Government of Canada recalls Insignia air fryers due to fire risk

If you use air fryers in Canada, be cautious as a number of popular models are being recalled due to a fire risk.

A recent recall notice issued by Health Canada has highlighted a concerning safety issue with certain models of Insignia brand air fryers. The recall warns consumers of the potential risk of overheating, which could lead to handles melting or breaking, posing a significant fire and burn hazard.

The affected products include the Insignia Digital Air Fryers, Insignia Analog Air Fryers, and the Insignia Digital Air Fryer Ovens. Health Canada has also emphasized that the air fryer ovens are additionally at risk of the glass on their doors breaking, which could result in potential fire, burn, or laceration hazards.

Health Canada

Reports indicate that nearly 100,000 units of the affected products were sold in Canada, with an additional 183,000 units sold in the United States between September 2021 and November 2023.

Despite the alarming numbers, there have been no reports of injuries in Canada, while in the US, there have been 24 reports of overheating, melting, or glass shattering incidents, along with six reports of air fryers catching fire, albeit with no injuries or property damage reported.

Health Canada

For those who own one of the recalled air fryers, Health Canada advises immediately stopping use and unplugging of the product. Consumers are urged to visit the provided website or contact Best Buy Canada at 1-800-566-7498 to receive instructions on submitting photos of the recalled product, including the cut power cord, model number, and purchase receipt.

Best Buy Canada is offering full reimbursement in the form of a gift card for the purchase price of the recalled air fryer product, provided consumers can provide a copy of their receipt. For those without a receipt, a $75 gift card will be provided as compensation.