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Homeowner captures jaw-dropping images of an enormous black bear steps from her door

The incredible photos capture the bear in a simple but mesmerizing act.
This enormous black bear was spotted in the backyard of a Sault Ste. Marie home recently. Reader submitted photo.

In an extraordinary encounter with nature, a Village Life reader (who has asked to remain anonymous) has captured a series of stunning photographs showcasing a magnificent and massive black bear in the backyard of her Sault Ste. Marie home.

The images provide a unique glimpse into the wild beauty that can be found just beyond our doorstep.


The images capture the bear engaged in a seemingly mundane yet fascinating act – shaking water off its back in the midst of a refreshing rain shower, highlighting the bear’s natural grace and beauty.


While the presence of bears can sometimes be cause for concern, it's crucial to remember that these animals are an integral part of our ecosystem. And as we continue to encroach upon their habitats, it is our responsibility to ensure a safe coexistence with wildlife.

If you do encounter a bear, Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has some helpful tips to keep you safe:

“Generally, the noisier the bear is, the less dangerous it is, provided you do not approach,” the Ministry states on their website. “The noise is meant to ‘scare’ you off and acts as a warning signal.”


  • Slowly back away while keeping the bear in sight and wait for it to leave.
  • Throw objects, wave your arms and make noise with a whistle, air horn or yelling if the bear does not leave.
  • Prepare to use bear spray.
  • Get inside a building or vehicle, if you are nearby, as a precaution.
  • Drop any food you may be carrying and slowly move away.
  • Leave a bear alone if it is in a tree. Leave the area. The bear will come down when it feels safe.
  • Play dead only if you encounter a mother bear with cubs.


  • Run, climb a tree or swim.
  • Kneel down.
  • Make direct eye contact.
  • Approach the bear to get a better look.
  • Attempt to feed a bear.
  • Let your dog off its leash.
  • Play dead unless you are attacked by a mother bear defending her cubs.

Click here for more information on how to be bear wise.

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