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Chasing waterfalls: 9 scenic marvels in Ontario for your fall adventures

No matter where you decide to chase waterfalls this season, you're in store for a feast for the eyes.
Webster's Falls in Hamilton, Ontario

After one too many pumpkin patches, losing your way in corn mazes, and binging on every supernatural series Netflix has to offer, you may be in need of a break from all the Halloween vibes.

When the thrill of haunted houses fades faster than a ghostly apparition, it's time to turn your attention to a new kind of spectacle. We're talking about chasing waterfalls, my friends! 

Hop in the car for a day-trip excursion and go on a mission to discover the natural beautiful waterfalls that grace our gorgeous province. Read on to learn about some of our favourite waterfalls in Ontario to hike to this fall, along with difficulty levels.

1. Albion Falls, Hamilton

Albion Falls, a mere hour-long drive from Toronto, is the go-to spot for a laid-back day trip with cascades that will blow you away. The falls are nearly as wide as they are tall, and you can even catch them from an observation platform if you want a more bird’s eye view. The fall foliage provides a backdrop you can only capture once a year and will be the envy of all your Instagram followers.

Difficulty: Easy. You can view the falls from an observation platform, but there are also hiking trails in the area

2. Webster Falls, Dundas

Webster Falls is the largest waterfall in the region – and one of the most popular. Located in the historic village of Dundas, Webster Falls is close to hiking trails, and beautiful green spaces. This 22-metre classical curtain waterfall is one of Hamilton’s most iconic waterfalls and is a walk in the park – just cruise from the parking lot to the first lookout point and soak in the rapids nestled in red, gold, and orange foliage. There are actually two lookout points to spot the falls from and a cobblestone bridge built in 1936. 

Difficulty: Easy. There's a short walk from the parking lot to the viewing platform

3. Tew Falls, Dundas

Also in Dundas, Tew Falls will make you think you’re dreaming and wound up in a mystical fairy tale land. About an hour's drive from Toronto, you'll be hitting up nature-filled trails that lead to a breathtaking view that even photos can’t do justice. This slender beauty, known as a ribbon waterfall, happens to be the tallest in Hamilton. And guess what? Fall paints the landscape in vivid colours, making the falls even more captivating. This area does require an online reservation so be sure to make it in advance. 

Difficulty: Moderate, as it involves a longer hike from the Dundas Peak area to reach the falls

4. Borer's Falls, Hamilton


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Hamilton's Borer's Falls is another must-see spot for grandiose cascades. A looped hiking trail runs past this15-metre tall curtain waterfall in Borer's Falls Conservation Area that's located at the top of the escarpment on Royal Botanical Garden land. Whether you're up for a light stroll or a more intense hike, they've got you covered. The fall foliage will make you feel like you stepped right into a Monet painting. 

Difficulty: Easy to moderate, with hiking trails of varying lengths

5. Hilton Falls, Milton

Located in Milton's Hilton Falls Conservation Area, Hilton Falls has everything you need for an adventure, from hiking and biking trails to the stunning waterfalls and the ruins of an old mill. The spectacular 33-foot waterfalls offer a relaxed escape with accessible hiking trails, washrooms, and picnic tables all wrapped up in the warm hues of autumn.

Difficulty: Easy, with well-marked hiking trails in the Hilton Falls Conservation Area

6. Inglis Falls, Owen Sound

One of the largest and most breathtaking waterfalls in Ontario, Inglis Falls flows over the Niagara Escarpment and drops an amazing 59 feet. It’s definitely worth the day trip to Owen Sound, and once you’re there, finding the falls is breezy, a brief walk from the parking area is all it takes to chill by the falls and take in the autumn splendour all around you. 

Difficulty: Easy, as the falls are accessible by a short walk from the parking area

7. Jones Falls, Owen Sound

Jones Falls is another gem in the Owen Sound area. This 293-acre conservation area includes many trail options through a beautiful hardwood forest with mossy rocks and a stunning view of the 12 metre high Jones Falls. This property is a must-see for geology lovers with its unique views of the Niagara Escarpment that was formed millions of years ago.

Difficulty: Easy, with a short walk to the viewing area

8. High Falls, Bracebridge

This majestic waterfall is a staggering 45-foot drop in the heart of Muskoka. Surrounded by lush forests and rugged granite cliffs, High Falls is a popular escape for nature enthusiasts. Its name does justice to the dramatic plunge it takes into the Muskoka River, and with so much to do in the surrounding area, it’s easy to make full day out of a visit to these falls.

Difficulty: Easy. You can view the falls from a viewing platform

9. Eugenia Falls, Eugenia

Situated in the very tiny Village of Eugenia Ontario, Eugenia Falls Conservation Area encompasses 23 hectares of Niagara Escarpment, river valley, and upland forests. This hidden gem features a cascading 95-foot drop and is one of the tallest waterfalls in the region. Set within a picturesque forest, Eugenia Falls is the perfect spot to enjoy the scenic fall views for both hikers and nature lovers. 

Difficulty: Easy, with a short walk to the viewing area

No matter where you decide to chase waterfalls this season, check the website in advance to ensure no advance booking is required. Happy hiking!