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BC moose rescued from Halloween decorations (VIDEO)

What happens has left the internet speechless.

It's not every day that you see a large moose interacting with humans, let alone approaching some for help. 

But such is the case for a moose in Fort St. John, B.C., that required some much-needed assistance after getting Halloween decorations tangled on its antlers last month. 

In a viral TikTok video shared by @sydsoucy, a moose can be seen standing on someone's front yard with fake cobwebs and other decorations tangled in its antlers.

Luckily, a brave man stepped in to assist the animal by using a lengthy pole in an attempt to extract the items. Despite his earnest efforts, the decorations remained entwined. Consequently, another man intervened, successfully untangling and removing everything with his hands.

What happened next has left the internet speechless.

Two men can be seen standing by a chain link fence watching the moose, who then approaches them cautiously, as if to say 'thank you.' 

The moose then pops its head over the fence and lets one of its helpers stroke its nose, before backing away.

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Since the video was posted on October 21, it has amassed 4.1 million views and has racked up thousands of comments. With many users shocked that a moose would let humans touch it.

"I’m Canadian. You have no idea how rare and amazing this interaction was," commented one TikToker. 

"I swear animals can sense when you’re being respectful and kind and just GENUINELY want to help. They can feel that so well I love it," wrote another.

"He definitely thanked him! He knew exactly what help he received.. nature is beautiful," wrote another user.

Moose safety:

Moose are not known for being aggressive, and tend to avoid urban areas, however, they will perceive dogs as threats, while females are protective of their calves, according to Wild Safe BC

Adult male moose (bulls) can weigh between 400 to 600 kilograms and grow to a height of over two meters at the shoulder, while females (cows) tend to be smaller, ranging in weight from 300 to 500 kilograms.

Wild Safe BC says you should never approach a moose.

You should stay as far back as possible and give the animals a wide berth. Make sure the moose always has an escape route so it doesn’t feel trapped.

"Moose cows are very protective of their young and may attack if they perceive a threat. If you come across a cow and calf, calmly leave the area immediately. Moose will perceive dogs as a threat and may seriously injure or kill a dog. Never let a dog loose in your yard to chase a moose as it may be injured or cause stress to the animal," says Wild Safe BC.

What to do if you encounter a moose:

  • Be aware of moose body language: A threatened moose may lower its head and flatten its ears before charging.

  • Avoid making eye contact: Back away slowly and speak softly. Meanwhile, find an escape route and scan the vicinity for a large object to place between you and the moose. 

  • If a moose charges at you: Put a large tree or other object between you and the animal. If there is a building or car nearby, get inside before the moose can reach you.

Above all, if you do encounter a moose, just remember to give the animal as much space as you can, because you might not end up as lucky as the men in the viral video.