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$70M Lotto Max ticket purchased in Ontario remains unclaimed

If the ticket remains unclaimed, the $70 million prize will be returned to LOTTO MAX players through future bonus games or promotions.
Lotto Max Ticket

In a quest to jog the memory of the elusive ticket owner, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) launched an awareness campaign surrounding the unclaimed $70 million jackpot from the Tuesday, June 28, 2022, LOTTO MAX draw.

As a result, the initiative generated "unprecedented" media attention so that the person or group who bought the ticket would come forward to claim their prize.

Despite the passing of the deadline at 10:30 pm on June 28, 2023, the physical $70 million winning ticket, which was sold at a lottery retailer in Scarborough, has yet to be validated at an OLG lottery terminal, which means the ticket has expired.

OLG's awareness campaign has garnered an overwhelming response, with over 1100 calls flooding into OLG's Customer Care Centre from individuals claiming to have lost the ticket.

Ensuring fairness and transparency, OLG remains committed to paying the rightful owner the full prize amount. However, due to the high volume of lost ticket claims, OLG's dedicated team of lottery investigators must meticulously review each potential claim made before the expiry deadline.  After that process is complete, a further update on the ticket will be made.

In the event that the LOTTO MAX ticket remains unclaimed, OLG has announced plans to redistribute the $70 million prize to LOTTO MAX players through future bonus games or promotions, ensuring that the prize money circulates within the lottery community.

To prevent the occurrence of unclaimed lottery prizes in the future, OLG advises lottery players to follow these proactive steps:

  1. Sign the ticket immediately upon purchase from a retail location.
  2. Safely store the ticket in a memorable and secure location until the draw takes place.
  3. Verify the ticket promptly once the draw has concluded.
  4. Consider purchasing lottery tickets through, where players can receive email notifications if their ticket is a winner.