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6 essential tips for opening your cottage this spring

As the weather starts to warm up and Victoria Day approaches, it's time to think about reopening the cottage for the summer season.

As the weather starts to warm up and Victoria Day approaches, many people will be thinking about reopening their cottages for the spring and summer season. However, after a long winter of being closed up, there are some important steps you should take to ensure your cottage is ready for use.

To help, here are six essential tips for opening your cottage this spring:

Check for any damage or pest infestations

Before you start cleaning or bringing in any new furniture, take a thorough walk around your cottage to check for any signs of damage or pest infestations. Look for things like cracks in the walls or foundation, broken windows, or signs of insect or rodent activity. If you do find any issues, make sure to address them before moving forward with any other preparations.


Do a deep clean

A you gear up for another cottage season, your place is likely to be in need of a deep clean. Start by dusting and vacuuming all surfaces, including carpets, furniture, and curtains. Wipe down all surfaces, including countertops, tables, and appliances, and clean the bathrooms thoroughly. Don’t forget to open the windows and let in some fresh air while you’re cleaning.

Test the plumbing and electrical systems

Before you start using your cottage, it’s important to make sure that the plumbing and electrical systems are working properly. Turn on all faucets and flush all toilets to check for any leaks or other issues. Test all electrical outlets and switches to make sure they are working as they should.

Restock your supplies

After being closed up for the winter, your cottage is likely to be low on supplies. Make a list of everything you’ll need for the season, including cleaning supplies, toiletries, and any food or drinks you’ll want on hand. Take the time to restock your supplies before you start using your cottage.


Check your outdoor spaces

If your cottage has a deck, patio, or other outdoor spaces, take the time to inspect them for any damage or wear and tear. Clean off any debris or dirt, and check for any loose boards or other safety hazards. If you have a grill or other outdoor appliances, make sure they are clean and in working order.

Consider any updates or improvements

Finally, take some time to consider any updates or improvements you might want to make to your cottage. This could include things like fresh paint, new furniture, or landscaping improvements. By taking care of these tasks now, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your cottage throughout the spring and summer season.

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