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Pinot Grigio wine recalled in Ontario

Peller Family Vineyards boxed wine recalled due to bloating box and sediment.

White wine drinkers in Ontario beware, a specific type of boxed wine from Peller Family Vineyards has been recalled across the province.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recalled 4 litre boxed pinot grigio from Peller Family Vineyards due to the box bloating and presence of sediment.

Specifically, pinot grigio boxes with the UPC number 048162010406 are recalled.

Photo: Peller Family Vineyards

According to Wine Enthusiast, sediment in wine is either tartrate crystals (“wine diamonds”) or spent yeast, called lees, which are both natural byproducts. 

Neither is harmful to your body but can be an unpleasant surprise if you don’t see it before it hits your tongue. 

Anyone with this type of boxed wine is asked to throw it out or return the product to where they bought it from.

This isn't the first wine recall in Ontario this year. In February, the LCBO also recalled Louis Latour brand Pinot Noir due to possible presence of glass.