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ICYMI: Canada's most popular food orders: top picks revealed for 2023

SkipTheDishes spills the tea on what Canadians craved this year.
Butter chicken was crowned the top ordered food item this year across the country.

With the arrival of December and cold temperatures looming, those staying cozy at home may be inclined to order dinner in.

And in case you're looking for inspiration on what to order, SkipTheDishes has unveiled the tantalizing details of what kept Canadians reaching for their app in 2023.

From province-specific peculiarities to nationwide favourites, here's a look at what Canadians ordered the most this year. 

A Nation's Flavor Champion: Butter Chicken Reigns Supreme

In a culinary landscape as diverse as Canada's, one dish emerged as the indisputable ruler: Butter Chicken. Accompanied by trusty Garlic Naan, this Indian classic stole the show, consistently ranking as the most craved delight from coast to coast.

Ontario's Pickle Passion

Pickles have been a big dill in Ontario this year. So, it makes perfect sense that Ontarians ordered more pickles than any other province in 2023.

Alberta's Bubble Tea Bubble

Alberta's enthusiasm wasn't just palpable; it was bubbling over. Bubble Tea took centre stage, becoming the drink of choice and setting a trend that rippled across the province.

Extravagant Orders and Feasts Fit for Royalty

Quebec claimed the spotlight with the most expensive order, totalling $1,259.71, the feast that included 55 sandwiches, 3 pizzas, and a true Canadian touch: 7 hefty portions of poutine. Meanwhile, in BC, a liquor splurge of $1,060.50, featuring bottles including Grey Goose, is also worth noting. 

Ontario didn't hold back, showcasing an impressive order of 70 tacos and 25 sides of chips adorned with guac, salsa, and horseradish cream. Alberta's indulgence wasn't left behind either, with an order tallying 36 plates of chicken, paired sensibly with 2 salads.

Top 10 Cravings: Celebrating with Flavour

The most beloved food item in Canada for the year has been indisputably Indian cuisine. Demonstrating this nationwide adoration, naan made an appearance three times among the top 10 most ordered food items across the country. However, reigning supreme and unanimously celebrated as the favourite, butter chicken secured its place at the pinnacle, gracing the top 10 list in every single province across Canada.

  1. Butter Chicken
  2. Garlic Naan
  3. Miso soup
  4. Poutine
  5. Butter Naan
  6. California Roll
  7. Onion Rings
  8. Caesar Salad
  9. Chicken Wings
  10. Plain Naan

"Releasing our annual ordering trends is one of our favourite times of the year! As a Canadian brand, we love digging deeper into the ordering habits of our communities across the country, and this year did not disappoint," said Melanie Fatouros-Richardson, Vice President, Communications & Government Relations at SkipTheDishes.

"In 2023, Canadians took advantage of the growing categories available on Skip, and we're proud to serve customers coast to coast and save them time by bringing them more of what they love, right to their doorstep."