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Game-changing Air Fryer TikTok hacks you need to know

Say hello to smarter cooking and bid adieu to kitchen chaos!

The Canadian Amazon Big Spring Sale is in full swing (March 20-25), and if there's one kitchen gadget stealing the spotlight--the air fryer, boasting discounts of up to 43%. This culinary powerhouse has become a must-have in Canadian homes, blending versatility and efficiency seamlessly.

Statista's projections show a robust 11.62% annual growth in Canada's air fryer market. Fuelling this surge is TikTok, where culinary creativity thrives under the #airfryerhacks hashtag, racking up an impressive 545.3 million views.

Recent insights from Chefs Plate unveil a 21% spike in 'air fryer' searches over the last quarter, averaging 138K monthly searches. And now, they're lifting the curtain on five jaw-dropping air-fryer hacks set to transform your cooking game, save precious time, and slash expenses.

Baking Soda Cleaning Hack:

@thetummyfairy My most viral reel of 2023!! This reel had 1.3 million views and was featured in several online magazines and new articles, how many will it reach this time? I still do this weekly by the way, and no I’m not pouring grease down my drain it was a sticky bbq sauce 😂 Toxic Free Cleaning Hack 🧽 When air fryers first became popular you probably seen the viral hacks on how to clean them by adding washing up liquid and water and airfrying this concoction for several minutes! You may not know, but things like washing up liquid have what’s called a “flashpoint”. So not only could this be a fire risk but it’s also can create chemical gases/toxins that they attach themselves to the inside of your Airfryer 🙈🙈 Ideally you should give your Airfryer a quick cheap after each use, but to get rid of a really messy recipe, this hack is ideal 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #airfryer #cleaninghack #toxinfree #irishfoodie #airfrying #airfryers #airfryerhacks #fyp ♬ Murder On The Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis-Bextor

TikTok sensation @thetummyfairy's hack, with over 1.3 million views, is a game-changer for air fryer cleaning. A dash of dish soap, a quarter cup of baking soda, and boiling water fill the drawer, left to soak for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and a paper towel wipe-down, leaving your air fryer sparkling anew.

The 'Double Decker Bus' Method:

@mattjfit Air fryer hack - I’m either slow or this is groundbreaking #airfryer #airfryerrecipes #hack #fatloss ♬ Cornfield Chase - Hans Zimmer

Dubbed by @Mattjfit as the ultimate hack, this technique redefines air frying. Stack your food on the removable air rack atop chicken or any base food, expanding capacity like a double-decker bus. A revolutionary space-saving trick for larger batches!

Egg-cellent Hack:

@whatiateforbreakfast Cooking soft boiled eggs in the air fryer is a game changer 🙌. Method: 🥚 Add as many eggs to your air fryer basket as desired. 🥚 Select the air fry option, then cook at 180C for exactly 7 minutes for medium eggs straight from the fridge or 8 minutes for large eggs straight from the fridge (reduce the cooking time by 1 minute if you're using room temperature eggs). 🥚 Once the time is up, immediately place in egg cups & remove the tops if you are serving them with soldiers. 🥚 If you want to peel the eggs, place them in cold water to stop them cooking further until they are cool enough to handle. 🥚 Dry on some kitchen paper then tap all over with a teaspoon to crack the shell. 🥚 Using the handle of a teaspoon like a lever, peel the eggs (my Grandad's trick, much easier than using fingers!). 🥚 Slice to reveal a perfect yolk 😍. Enjoy! #airfryereggs #airfryerboiledeggs #airfryer #boiledegg #eggs #egg #airfryerideas #foodtok #airfryermaster #breakfast #ninjaairfryer #whatiateforbreakfast ♬ Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version) - Taylor Swift

Say goodbye to boiling water—air fryer magic delivers perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs with ease. Follow TikTok's lead for effortless egg prep and peeling.

DIY Delights:

@bigmommakimbo7 THE. BEST. CROUTONS. 😍 #airfryer #aifryerrecipes #airfryertiktok #airfryerhack #airfryercroutons #croutons #homemadecroutons #food #yum #foodtok #treatyourself #viral #fyp ♬ Smooth Operator - TikTok Remix - Scammacist & Charly from Space & Natalia Russo

Elevate salads and snacks with homemade croutons and toasted nuts. Transform stale bread into golden croutons and season nuts for delightful toppings, all crafted in your air fryer at a fraction of the cost.

Line Basket Ease:

Prevent food mess and simplify cleanup with silicone liners, foil, or parchment paper. This straightforward hack ensures hassle-free cooking and cleanup, a time-saving gem.

Batch & Freeze:

Harness the air fryer for batch cooking and meal prep. Prepare ample portions of chicken tenders, meatballs, or veggie patties, then freeze for future use. Reheat in the air fryer for quick, satisfying meals on demand.


Discover the magic of TikTok's air fryer hacks, unlocking culinary creativity and efficiency right in your kitchen. Say hello to smarter cooking and bid adieu to kitchen chaos!