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Cue the nostalgia: Happy Meals for adults are officially available in Canada

Available for a limited time only, starting December 11th!

Get ready, Canada, McDonald's is unleashing a blast from the past with a nostalgic twist as it introduces its sought-after adult Happy Meals to the Great White North.

Following the roaring success of the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box in the US last year, McDonald's has officially brought joy to Canadian adults with a revamped take on the classic childhood treat.

The beloved Happy Meal, typically reserved for the younger crowd, is now making a stylish comeback, throwing it back to the 80s and 90s with a modern twist on the cherished McNugget Buddies toys that evoked sheer delight among countless kids back in the day.

McDonald's Canada

So, what's the scoop on this revamped, grown-up version of the iconic meal? Enter the Kerwin Frost Box. This reimagined Happy Meal retains the design aesthetics of its youthful counterpart but packs a punch with full-sized portions of everyone's favorite fries.

It also includes a medium fountain drink, offering a choice between a Big Mac or a serving of 10 Chicken McNuggets. But here's the cherry on top - each box contains a McNugget Buddy collectible toy, a delightful nod to the original, featuring six different characters.

Who's the mastermind behind this playful creation? None other than Kerwin Frost, the Harlem-based artist known for his unique flair.

Frost designed not just one but six McNugget Buddy toys, each with its own distinctive persona. From Don Bernice - The Wise Stylist to Uptown Moe - The Neighborhood Hero, Waffutu - The Curious Optimist, BRRRICK - The Cool Guy, and Darla - The Dreamer, these characters promise to add a dash of whimsy to every Happy Meal.

The Kerwin Frost Boxis set to hit Canadian McDonald's outlets starting December 11th, bringing joy, nostalgia, and a hint of playful collectability to the tables of grown-up customers across the country.