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A&W Launches special menu item exclusively for dogs

Treat your dog, support service dog charities, and make a difference, one Pup Patty at a time.

A&W Canada, the beloved home of the Burger Family, is rolling out a brand-new menu item exclusively for our four-legged friends: the Pup Patty.

From June 10th to June 23rd, dog parents can swing by any A&W drive-thru and pick up a delicious $2 Pup Patty for their furry companions.

What makes this treat extra special? Not only is it a delectable, dog-friendly delight made from premium grass-fed beef without A&W’s signature seasoning, but a portion of the proceeds from each Pup Patty sale will support service dog charities across Canada. This initiative makes A&W the first Canadian quick-service restaurant (QSR) to introduce a menu item dedicated solely to dogs.

Supporting Service Dog Charities

Every Pup Patty purchased during this limited-time promotion will help fund non-profit organizations dedicated to training service dogs. These incredible dogs provide life-changing assistance and independence to Canadians living with disabilities. Among the beneficiaries is the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS), an organization that has profoundly impacted the lives of many, including Sarah Bourne.

Sarah shares her experience: "Queso is my fourth Mobility Dog from PADS. He has become an incredible sidekick, enriching my daily life in ways I never thought possible. His exceptional proficiency in physical tasks—like retrieving dropped items, adjusting my feet on my wheelchair footplates, and skillfully opening and closing doors—has granted me new levels of independence and deepened our bond."

A&W’s Commitment to Community

A&W’s Director of Marketing, Amanda Wang, emphasizes the company's commitment to supporting service dog training organizations. "I have been a PADS volunteer for the past two years, so this program is very close to my heart. When I’m out with a service-dog-in-training, it’s not just a learning opportunity for the puppy but often a chance to enrich the public’s understanding of working dogs as well. I’m very grateful for the support from the whole A&W organization in running this campaign to help further the awareness of non-profits like PADS."

Tara Doherty, Director of Communications at PADS, expresses her gratitude: “PADS is grateful to A&W not only for this imaginative approach to supporting assistance dog programs across Canada but also for their corporate culture of volunteerism. The A&W team is truly changing lives, one dog at a time.”

How to Get Your Pup Patty

The Pup Patty is exclusively available through A&W drive-thrus, as pets are not allowed inside the dining area. As always, it’s a good idea to consult your veterinarian before introducing any new food into your pet’s diet.

So, the next time you’re heading to an A&W drive-thru, don’t forget to bring your dog along for a tasty Pup Patty and contribute to a great cause. Treat your dog, support service dog charities, and make a difference, one Pup Patty at a time.