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Easy (and healthy) smoothie and breakfast pairings

Whether you're looking for sweet or savoury, these smoothie-and-breakfast pairings are just what you need to put a spring in your step as you head out the door.

Are you looking for a way to incorporate all of your daily fruits and vegetables into one yummy blended drink?

Smoothies are a filling, nourishing, and on-the-go friendly way to fuel your body. They’re jam-packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins and can be paired with some simple breakfast items for a delicious, fuel-packed meal that will keep you going strong all morning long!  

Below are some of the best (and quickest) smoothie and breakfast pairings that are sure to satiate fruit fanatics and vegetable lovers alike!

Photo via Veggiekins

Vegan Pineapple Coconut Smoothie with Avocado Toast

This recipe only requires seven ingredients, some of which are optional but all high in nutritional value. It specifically targets anti-inflammation, protein, digestion, and clear skin. So, if you like Piña Coladas (and perhaps getting caught in the rain), this smoothie recipe is an essential for your morning routine. 

For the perfect pairing, toast a slice of whole wheat bread. When you spread a ripe avocado across, you’ll be beginning your day with your daily grain intake and with the most scrumptious healthy fat available. 

Photo by Magalie De Preux on Unsplash

Orange You Glad with Oatmeal and Brown Sugar

This vegan, gluten-free smoothie recipe is common but never overdone. With a mix of all the classic tropical fruits, orange juice, and carrots, it’s overflowing with vitamins and antioxidants that will allow for a cleaner and more filling meal. Plus, you can make this recipe even easier by buying a bag of mixed frozen fruits of your choice rather than chopping each individual fruit.

The tang of the carrots and berries, when paired with the sweetness of your favourite oatmeal and brown sugar, will never fail to satisfy both your nutrient needs and your cravings. This is the perfect on-the-go meal, as it only takes about 10 minutes for a perfectly filling breakfast.

Photo via AndieAnne

Green is Your Colour with Scrambled Eggs

This drink from AndiAnne is filled to the brim with fibre, digestion aids (this includes the flax and hemp seeds), and more. It is stuffed with protein and serves as a gluten-free, high protein meal supplement. Of course, protein powder is optional, but pairing it with spinach can help boost the metabolism. 

To pack your meal with even more protein, pair it with some salt-and-peppered eggs. This will give additional energy to your body as you conquer your day. You can get as simple or as complicated with your eggs as your morning allows, but cream cheese and seasoning will never take away from your dish!

Photo: Milan_Jovic via

Watermelon Sugar with Mixed Fresh Fruit

This smoothie from All Recipes is fun, simple, and downright delicious—especially if you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth. This drink helps give you hydration and energy to kickstart your day. Plus, it’s also quite enjoyable relaxing by the pool, watching a game, laughing at a barbeque, or listening to the famous Harry Styles single, Watermelon Sugar.

Pair it with a bowl of your favourite fruits for a healthy sugar boost of energy that still allows for a clean feeling after consumption. 

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Cantaloupe Crazy with Buttered English Muffin

Although simple, cantaloupe is high in potassium and vitamin C. When paired with the protein from the yogurt, this vegan, gluten-free drink from All Recipes will set your morning off to a great start. Should you choose to include the protein powder in your morning drink, the added protein will give this drink a more filling feeling, all while giving you a slightly bigger energy boost for your morning to come.

A busy-morning classic, the basic English muffin is perfect for starting out your day. Keep it simple plain or with butter, or deck it out with jams and jellies or avocados and tomatoes. This breakfast is your canvas, simple or extravagant. 

Whether you're looking for sweet or savoury, these smoothie-and-breakfast pairings are just what you need to put a spring in your step as you head out the door.